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Name:A Sky Full of Stars
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:science fiction/fantasy fanfiction
This is a community for fanfiction inspired by fantasy and science fiction books, movies, television, and video games

Main Rules:

1. Respect your fellow posters -- we are all here because we love fantasy and science fiction and are inspired to write fan fiction to celebrate it. Poor or abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

2. Constructive criticism is allowed, abuse is not. When leaving comments please remember this.

3. Respect the reviewers -- they have taken the time to read and review your work, please take comments constructively.

4. This is a fanfiction community, please do not post graphics, videos, fan mixes, etc. We appreciate the time and effort that goes into making these things, but there are several communities devoted to these forms of art, please share these other works of fan art in those communities.

5. Fanfiction awards/contests/challenges, however, are fine to advertise, so long as they are related to science fiction or fantasy.

6. Sit back, put your feet up, and have fun. :)

Guidelines For Posting:

Please use the following format when posting a story:

Pairing/Characters: (if applicable)
Spoilers: (if applicable)
Warning: (if applicable)
Author's Note: (if applicable)

Please remember to rate and label your fics appropriately. We are open to all ratings and genres, but they MUST be labeled correctly (ie do not label your fic PG if it contains graphic material-- pairings, characters and subjects MUST be labeled correctly) Repeatedly mislabeled fics are a sure way to get yourself banned.

Ratings Examples can be found here
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